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CUPPA Academic Advising

Navigating college - life, classes, internships, professors, schedules - can be a course in itself! CUPPA's team of academic advisors will help you achieve your academic goals and get to graduation. We are here to work with you to help you find the right major and to make sure you are on track for completing your degree.

All first year undergraduates in CUPPA are assigned to a CUPPA undergraduate advisor upon admission to the college. After completion of the first year, each undergraduate is then assigned to work with advisors in the department of their major/minor.

Current UIC Undergrads who want to transfer into a CUPPA program can find the Intercollege Transfer Petition Form here.

Graduate students in CUPPA are assigned to an advisor within each department upon admission to their master's degree program.

The CUPPA advising team is here to assist prospective and current students with planning degree programs, understanding responsibilities as a student and succeeding in your academic career at UIC. Current students should log in to and make an appointment through the iAdvise system. Prospective students should email to make an appointment.

Get remote advising via phone, email or Zoom (Video Conferencing) 

Ready to chat with an Academic Advisor? Here is how to get started.

To schedule your phone or Zoom (video conferencing) appointment, login to your and click on Advising.

You can schedule an appointment online here or email for assistance scheduling an appointment.

What to Expect:

  • Once you have scheduled your academic advising appointment, you will receive a confirmation to your UIC email with your appointment date and time.
  • Once your appointment is confirmed, you will receive instructions on how to access the Zoom link.
  • This will be your online connection to your scheduled appointment.
  • Be ready for an interactive session which will include the option to screen share so that you can review your uAchieve degree audit with your Academic Advisor or any issues you might have navigating your

For questions, email

CUPPA Advising Office Heading link

1st Floor of CUPPA Hall. Stop in or email to set up an appointment today.

412 S. Peoria Street, 1st Floor, CUPPA Hall, 350, Chicago, Illinois 60607

Congratulations to the 2022 Spring CUPPA Dean’s List Members! Heading link

Ricardo Aillon, CUPPA-Undeclared

Jenin Alharithi,  Public Policy

Jocelyn Aranda-Ortiz, Public Policy

Mateo Baker, Urban Studies

Eiffel Bayaban, Public Policy

Alessandro Beltran, CUPPA-Undeclared

Maddy Benavides, Urban Studies

Avi Bernard-Donals, Public Policy

Caitlin Brady, Public Policy

Patrick Brennan , Public Policy

Jesus Briseno Lopez, Urban Studies

Gavin Brodersen, Public Policy

Jacob Carmen, Urban Studies

Oliver Ciciora, Urban Studies

Feliciti Crowder, Urban Studies

Wylie Crowther, Urban Studies

Ashley Cruz, Urban Studies

Alexis Davila, Public Policy

Haley Deem, Urban Studies

Cyril Dela Rosa, Urban Studies

Carla Duran, Urban Studies

Saide Flores, Public Policy

Alex Florez, Urban Studies

Quentin Galliot, Urban Studies

Katherine Ginensky, Urban Studies

Camila Giraldo, Urban Studies

Moon Goldstein, Public Policy

Skye Gray, Urban Studies

Gustas Gudzevicius, Urban Studies

Fatima Guerra-Gutierrez, Public Policy

Daniela Guerrero Rodriguez, Public Policy

Emiliano Hernandez, Urban Studies

Brenda Hernandez, Urban Studies

Cynthia Huerta Chagoyan, Urban Studies

Adam Johnson, Urban Studies

Suha Kassar, Public Policy

Lisa King, Public Policy

Anastasia Kopp, Urban Studies

Elvis Kouassi, Urban Studies

Jack Lamberti, Urban Studies

Ray Liao, Urban Studies

Anna Lin, Public Policy

Melissa Martinez, CUPPA-Undeclared

Elizabeth McCarthy, Public Policy

Autumn McGowan, Public Policy

Mikaela Mercado, Urban Studies

Karen Milroy, Urban Studies

Richard Mpistolarides, Public Policy

Brandon Murillo, Public Policy

Jack O’Brien, Urban Studies

Sean O’Rourke, Urban Studies

Ignacia Peña Nakouzi, Urban Studies


Rebecca Perelman, Urban Studies

Maggie Peyton, Public Policy

Maria Picazo, Public Policy

Xitlaly Plascencia, Public Policy

Alex Rank, Public Policy

Maeve Riordan, Public Policy

Michael Romanenchuk, Urban Studies

Juan Rosendo, Public Policy

Quinn Ruiz, Urban Studies

Nimisha Sharma, Urban Studies

Jarred Smith, Urban Studies

Keegan Smith, Urban Studies

Maria Sotelo, Public Policy

Remmie Spinks, Public Policy

Lucas Sreniawski, Urban Studies

Haniyyah Thomas, Public Policy

Sienna Tompkins, Urban Studies

Roxana Torres, Public Policy

Jocelyn Vazquez-Gomez , Urban Studies

Liliana Villa, Public Policy

Isaac Waddell, Public Policy

Paris Ward, Urban Studies

Courtney Washington, Public Policy

Journey Wenker, Urban Studies

Josh Wieczorek, Urban Studies

Hanna Zayyad, Urban Studies

Jill Zell, Public Policy

Connection, Retention, Collaboration, Graduation! Heading link

Two Students Studying and Taking Notes

The CUPPA Advising Team is here to serve our students by encouraging the intellectual grown and development of the student as an individual. You should see your assigned advisor to discuss your major and available options, course selection, and degree requirements.

Advisors can assist with a wide range of needs including (but not limited!) to:

Tips for Online Learning

Meet the CUPPA Advising Team Heading link

Mirtza Campbell

(312) 413-8360 | | CUPPAH 316

Mirtza Campbell  |  1st Year, Undeclared, Urban Studies Sophomore and Junior Student Advisor
Sharon Hayes, Director of Undergrad Programs and Academic Staff Support

(312) 996-2160 | | AEH 2108

Sharon Hayes  |  Undergraduate Advisor, Department of Public Administration; Urban Studies Seniors Advisor
Elizabeth Meza, Advisor

(312) 355-3875 | | AEH 2105

Elizabeth Meza  |  Graduate Advisor, Department of Public Administration