CUPPA Academic Advising

Navigating college - life, classes, internships, professors, schedules - can be a course in itself! CUPPA's team of academic advisors will help you achieve your academic goals and get to graduation. We are here to work with you to help you find the right major and to make sure you are on track for completing your degree.

All first year undergraduates in CUPPA are assigned to a CUPPA undergraduate advisor upon admission to the college. After completion of the first year, each undergraduate is then assigned to work with advisors in the department of their major/minor.

Graduate students in CUPPA are assigned to an advisor within each department upon admission to their master's degree program.

CUPPA Advising Office

3rd Floor of CUPPA Hall. Stop in or email to set up an appointment today.

412 S. Peoria Street, 3rd Floor, CUPPA Hall, 350, Chicago, Illinois 60607

Connection, Retention, Collaboration, Graduation!

Two Students Studying and Taking Notes

The CUPPA Advising Team is here to serve our students by encouraging the intellectual grown and development of the student as an individual. You should see your assigned advisor to discuss your major and available options, course selection, and degree requirements.

Advisors can assist with a wide range of needs including (but not limited!) to:

Meet the CUPPA Advising Team

Mirtza Campbell

(312) 413-8360 | | CUPPAH 316

Mirtza Campbell  |  1st Year and Undeclared Student Advisor
Sharon Hayes, Academic Advisor

(312) 996-2160 | | AEH 2108

Sharon Hayes  |  Undergraduate Advisor, Department of Public Administration
Elizabeth Meza, Advisor

(312) 355-3875 | | AEH 2105

Elizabeth Meza  |  Graduate Advisor, Department of Public Administration
Carlos Lopez

(312) 413-2565 | | CUPPAH 215

Carlos Lopez  |  Undergraduate Advisor, Department of Urban Planning and Policy
Katie Boom

(312) 996-6211 | | CUPPAH 230

Katie Boom  |  Graduate Advisor, Department of Urban Planning and Policy