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PPMA Admissions & Programs

The mission of the Department of Public Policy, Management, and Analytics is to advance the practice of and research on public administration and policy in the urban area of Chicago and beyond through providing an excellent graduate professional education, disseminating scholarly and engaged research to relevant audiences at home and abroad, and contributing service to public and professional communities.

The Department of Public Policy, Management, and Analytics offers degree programs at the bachelor, master and doctorate levels.

Undergraduate Degrees and Programs Heading link

Professor Kelly LeRoux teaching an undergraduate class.

The Bachelor of Arts in Public Policy is designed to enhance understanding of public problems and how governments attempt to address them. The BAPP may be useful for students considering careers in a variety of policy-related fields, including jobs in policy analysis institutes, research and not-for-profit organizations, and as consultants for business and government entities.

Graduate Degrees & Certificates Heading link

Dean Eitel lecturing during his class.

The Department of Public Policy, Management, and Analytics offers master and doctorate degrees in public administration. Our master program is accreditated by the Network of Schools of Public Policy, Affairs, and Administration.

The goal of doctoral training is [to equip] individuals to add to knowledge of public administration and related fields through disciplined research. When practicing professionals undertake the doctorate they should recognize the need to demonstrate substantial research skills and to interact with a research faculty on a continuing basis as they design and execute their dissertation projects.


Failure to Progress Statement

  • For graduate programs requiring 41 to 64 semester hours of graduate work, the time limit is six consecutive calendar years. Students pursuing more than one degree at the same time will be given an additional two years. Students who do not graduate by these deadlines will be dismissed from the program for failure to progress. Time spent on a leave of absence approved by the program and the Graduate College is not counted toward the degree time limit.