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What do we think we're doing?

The short answer is that we are trying to make the places we live better for everyone. That can mean different things to different people and there are certainly many ways to go about it.  And that's really why there is a UIC CUPPA.

We look at the history, theory, and practice of why we live where we do and what we need in the places we live. We add that to our new research, new  data, and new information. After that, we remember our dreams. We get creative and use our imaginations. Finally, we share our work to help residents go about making things as fair as they can be, get through the tough times if and when they happen, and be prosperous.

We believe in our mission. We promote just, resilient, and livable communities.

We are CUPPA. Heading link

Two MUPP students on bikes

CUPPA’s two undergraduate programs have 130 students. Our five graduate programs have 375 students. That means personalized attention from the faculty and staff across the college.

Thirty-four full time faculty members teach our undergraduate and graduate classes. Adjunct faculty members hired specifically for their expertise in a particular topic in the Chicago metropolitan region are added for special course topics.

Our very own building, CUPPA Hall adjoins our Art and Exhibition Hall, which serves as the home for our contemporary, technologically enhanced classrooms. Our building also supports meeting rooms, computer labs, lounges, and discussion spaces for students 24/7. In the final stages of completion, CUPPA Hall underwent renovations totaling over $7 million.

Questions? Heading link

Questions? Heading link

We’re committed to everything but if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out for help.

Contact Us

We're here to help. Contact Jodi White Jones, Assistant Dean for Communications Heading link