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CUPPA 2024 Strategic Planning Process

Map of the area of Chicago at the bottom of Lake Michigan

From Dean Swearingen White Heading link

Dean Stacey Swearingen White in front of CUPPA Hall

Hello and welcome to our CUPPA Strategic Planning website! Here you will find everything you need to know about our strategic planning process and how to keep abreast of what’s going on regarding the plan.

I want to thank all of you – as plan stakeholders – for your engagement in this important endeavor. Throughout our strategic planning process, we will seek your perspectives and opinions. You will also have opportunities to provide direct feedback on the emerging plan. All planning updates will be available here. And, after our plan is complete, we will continue to update you on its implementation and our progress in achieving the plan goals, metrics, and related actions.

We are in the enviable position of entering this process with CUPPA’s clear, strong commitment to building just, resilient, and livable communities. Now is the time to look at that commitment with a fresh lens and use it as our anchor as we consider the world of changing resources, new technologies, the direction of our disciplines and higher education in general, and all of our stakeholders’ needs. We will also seek to link our work to Chancellor Miranda’s recently announced strategic priority areas for UIC.

My intention is to be as inclusive as possible, and I welcome your involvement along the way. Our shared efforts will encourage a wide conversation about where we are headed and how we will best educate our students, conduct impactful research, and engage and serve our communities in the years ahead.

I am very excited to be on this journey together. Our collective patience, open mindedness, thoughtfulness, and compassion will illuminate a path to new discoveries and a roadmap for CUPPA’s ongoing success.


Strategic Plan Steering Committee

Strategic Plan Questionnaire

CUPPA Strategic Plan Process Heading link

  • PHASE I Preliminary Issues Analysis

    October 2023 – February/March 2024

    •Steering Committee formation
    •Internal stakeholder interviews and focus groups
    •Review of data, reports, analyses
    •Preparation of initial strategic issues and themes

    •Steering Committee kick-off meeting and discussion

    Identification of key themes and issues the strategic plan must address

  • PHASE II Strategic Plan Framework

    March – April 2024

    •Additional internal and external stakeholder interviews and focus groups
    •Preparation of strategic plan framework
    •Steering Committee discussion

    •Subcommittee formation

    Consensus on a strategic plan framework with overarching goals, example strategies, and potential early thoughts on vision, mission, values

  • PHASE III Iterative Drafts of Strategic Plan

    May – August 2024

    •Development of specific strategies and initiatives for the plan by subcommittees
    •Steering Committee discussions

    •Writing and revision (first draft and penultimate draft)

    Consensus on a penultimate draft of the plan to share with the CUPPA community

  • PHASE IV Completed Strategic Plan

    September – October/November 2024

    •Discussions of draft plan with CUPPA community
    •Consultation with others at UIC and selected external stakeholders
    •Final revisions to strategic plan

    Approval and submission of the final CUPPA strategic plan to Dean White

Questions or comments regarding the CUPPA Strategic Plan? Heading link

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