Celebrate Our Differences

Theodore Levitt said, "One should not focus on the differences between people but look for commonality and similarity."

The UIC College of Urban Planning and Public Affairs is proud to be a community of students, staff and faculty from around the world. Indeed, one of the most important experiences we offer our students, staff and faculty is the opportunity to study, learn and work in a wonderfully diverse environment.

Recent restrictions to US entry by immigrants and refugees from Muslim-majority countries stand in direct contradiction to CUPPA’s core values of encouraging cultural diversity and respecting the unique individual contributions of our students, faculty, and staff.  For all of our CUPPA undocumented students, foreign students, postdocs, visiting scholars, staff, and faculty, please know that your continued presence and success is of the utmost importance to the College. You greatly enrich our lives and we are privileged and honored to have you here with us at UIC.

The Office of International Services (OIS) at UIC is available for concerned members of the CUPPA community and should you have specific travel questions, please reach out to them (ois@uic.edu or (312)996-3121) for resources and advice appropriate to specific circumstances.

CUPPA remains committed to promoting reasoned dialogue and civil discourse. We will work with you to ensure you have safe spaces and full access to the faculty, staff, and administrators in the College of Urban Planning and Public Affairs to share your concerns, ask questions, or seek support.

We are CUPPA.