Minor in Urban Studies

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The minor in Urban Studies provides students in many disciplines the opportunity to gain further understanding of urban phenomena, the complex interactions between local and global forces, and the needs and opportunities of Chicago and other “Great Cities” historically, in the present and moving forward. The minor is open to students from any college or major with sophomore standing who are not on academic probation. Students may apply credits from courses taken prior to application to the minor. At least 6 credits of the minor, including one elective, must be at the 200-level or higher. Students who wish to minor in Urban Studies shall notify the department in writing on the form posted on the UPP website.

Students in the College of Urban Planning and Policy’s undergraduate degree program in Urban Studies are not eligible to earn the Minor in Urban Studies. Some students may be eligible to earn both minors offered by the department (the Minor in GIS and the Minor in Urban Studies). However, students cannot apply the same course(s) to meet the requirements for both minors. Students interested in pursuing both minors will be advised by the department accordingly

Urban Studies Minor Requirements

Urban Studies Minor Requirements (12 credit hours)

2 core courses

  • UPP 403 Introduction to Urban Planning (3 credits)
  • One of the following two courses:
    • US 101 Introduction to Urban Studies (3 credits)
    • US 202 Planning Great Cities (3 credits)

2 elective courses (6 credits total)
One elective must be at the 200 level or higher.  Both electives can be taken from the list of UPP courses, or one can be taken from the list of UPP courses and one can be taken from the list of approved courses in other departments (see lists below).  If a course taken towards the minor has a prerequisite, the prerequisite will not count towards the minor unless it appears on the list of approved electives.

At least one of the following UPP courses:

  • US 101 Introduction to Urban Studies (3 credits)
  • US 202 Planning Great Cities (3 credits)
  • US 205 Cinema and the City (3 credits)
  • US 208 Mapping the Urban: Cartography and its Alternatives (3 credits)
  • US 240 Community and Urban Economics
  • US 405 Researching the City (3 credits)
  • UPP 460 Introduction to Geospatial Analysis and Visualization (3 credits)
  • UPP 461 Geographic Information Systems for Planning (3 credits)
  • UPP 462 Intermediate GIS for Planning (3 credits)
  • UPP 463 Complexity-Based Models for Planning and Policy (3 credits)
  • UPP 464 Advanced Visualization Techniques (3 credits)
  • UPP 465 Topics in Geospatial Analysis and Visualization (3 credits)
  • UPP 493 Topics in Urban Planning and Policy (3 credits)

No more than one course from the following list of courses offered by other departments:

  • AH 211 History of Urbanism (3 credits)
  • ED 100 Introduction to Urban Education (4 credits)
  • ED 135 Child and Youth Policies in Urban America (3 credits)
  • GEOG 211 Chicago: An Urban Geography (3 credits)
  • GEOG 215 A Global Geography of Cities (3 credits)
  • HIST 104 Modern America: From Industrialization to Globalization (3 credits)
  • LALS 103 Introduction to Latino Urban Studies (3 credits)
  • LALS 220 Latin American Cities in a Global Context: Environment, Employment, and Housing (3 credits)
  • PPOL 230 Nonprofit Organizations in U.S. Society (3 credits)
  • SOC 258 Race and Urban Life (3 credits)
  • SOC 276 Urban Sociology (3 credits)

A GPA of 2.50/4.00 is required in courses taken towards the minor.

Download the Urban Studies Minor Application Form here.