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Photo of Malveaux, Symphony

Symphony Malveaux, M.P.A.

PhD Student

Urban Planning and Policy

Pronouns: She/Her



My name is Symphony Malveaux, a Louisiana native, who is currently on the journey of receiving my PhD in Urban Planning and Policy. Prior to starting this journey, I acquired my master's in Public Administration and held several positions in the nonprofit sector closing out my season as a Community Engagement Manager. I consulted, strategized, and implemented community projects that increased the quality of life for all residents and local businesses in neighborhoods throughout the Baton Rouge community. I also led the mayors first neighborhood engagement hub, Safe Hopeful Neighborhood Initiative. Currently, I am focusing on community development and how we can use historical data to be understand and create intentional policies that benefit the growth and sustainability of African American communities and communities of color. I am also researching the intersection of public health, gender studies, sociology, and education of this topic.