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Jiaqi Liang

Assistant Professor

Public Administration


Building & Room:

CUPPA Hall 140


412 S. Peoria Street, CUPPA Hall 140 (MC 278)

Office Phone:

(312) 996-3183

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Jiaqi Liang is an assistant professor in the Department of Public Administration. She received a Ph.D. in Public Administration (with a second major in Comparative Politics) from the School of Public Affairs at American University.


Dr. Liang's research interests encompass public management, bureaucratic politics, public policy process, policy analysis, social equity, environmental and energy policy, and comparative public administration and policy. Her current research agenda primarily covers three areas:

One section of her research explores the effects of policy design and public management practices on government agencies’ environmental policy implementation activities in the U.S., as well as the implications of the adoption of equity-oriented policies for government’s program management under environmental federalism.

Another line of her research probes the relations between organizational diversity, representativeness of the public sector, diversity management, governmental performance, and social equity.

Her third research area examines questions related to bureaucratic motivation, performance incentives, and policy implementation in government agencies and quasi-public organizations (e.g., state-owned enterprises) in China, in the context of results-based management in environmental and energy policies.

Dr. Liang's research has appeared in a variety of public administration and public policy journals, including the Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory, Public Administration Review, Public Administration, International Public Management Journal, and Policy Studies Journal.



PA 515: Bureaucracy and the Policy Process (Ph.D.)

PA 505: Public Management Practices (MPA)

PA 494: Comparative Public Administration: China/U.S. (MPA)

PA 401: Foundations of Public Service (MPA)

PPOL 303: Policy Implementation and Management (undergraduate)

PA 240: Environmental Policy (undergraduate)

* Fall 2020 courses *

PPOL 303: Policy Implementation and Management:

  • Thursday: asynchronous, recorded lectures
  • Tuesday, 3:30-4:45pm: synchronous, online class

PA 401: Foundations of Public Service:

  • Thursday, 6:30-9:15pm: synchronous, online class

Office hours: by appointment (contact me for the link to Zoom meeting)

Selected Publications

* Student co-author at time of writing

Langbein, Laura, Jiaqi Liang, and Michaela Buenemann. 2020. “Comparing the Effects of Changes in Performance Incentives and Implementation Activities on Policy Outcomes: Evidence from Air Pollution Emissions in China.” Journal of Comparative Policy Analysis. DOI: (First published online February 24, 2020)

Liang, Jiaqi, Sanghee Park, and Tianshu Zhao*. 2020. “Representative Bureaucracy, Distributional Equity, and Environmental Justice.” Public Administration Review. DOI: (First published online February 18, 2020)

Park, Sanghee, and Jiaqi Liang. 2019. “A Comparative Study on Gender Representation and Social Outcomes: The Effect of Political and Bureaucratic Representation.” Public Administration Review. DOI: (First published online July 29, 2019)

Liang, Jiaqi, and Liang Ma. 2019. “Ownership, Affiliation, and Organizational Performance: Evidence from China’s Results-Oriented Energy Policy.” International Public Management Journal. DOI: (First published online May 16, 2019)

Park, Sanghee, and Jiaqi Liang. 2019. “Merit, Diversity, and Performance: Does Diversity Management Moderate the Effect of Merit Principles on Governmental Performance.” Public Personnel Management. DOI: (First published online May 10, 2019)

Liang, Jiaqi, and Laura Langbein. 2019. “Linking Anticorruption Threats, Performance Pay, Administrative Outputs, and Policy Outcomes in China.” Public Administration 97: 177-194.

Ma, Liang, and Jiaqi Liang. 2018. “The Effects of Firm Ownership and Affiliation on Government’s Target Setting on Energy Conservation in China.” Journal of Cleaner Production 199: 459-465.

Liang, Jiaqi. 2018. “Latinos and Environmental Justice: Examining the Link between Degenerative Policy, Political Representation, and Environmental Policy Implementation.” Policy Studies Journal 46(1): 60-89.

Liang, Jiaqi. 2017. “Regulatory Effectiveness and Social Equity in Environmental Governance: Assessing Goal Conflict, Trade-Off, and Synergy.” The American Review of Public Administration 48(7): 761-776.

Liang, Jiaqi. 2016. “Defining Environmental Justice Communities for Regulatory Enforcement: Implications from a Block-Group-Level Analysis of New York State.” Review of Policy Research 33(6): 666-685.

Liang, Jiaqi. 2016. “The Shadow of the Politics of Deservedness? The Implications of Group-Centric Policy Context for Environmental Policy Implementation Inequalities in the United States.” Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory 26(3): 552-570.

Liang, Jiaqi, and Laura Langbein. 2015. “Performance Management, High-Powered Incentives, and Environmental Policies in China.” International Public Management Journal 18(3): 346-385.

Liang, Jiaqi. 2014. “Who Maximizes (or Satisfices) in Performance Management? An Empirical Study of the Effects of Motivation-Related Institutional Contexts on Energy Efficiency Policy in China.” Public Performance & Management Review 38(2): 284-315.

Liang, Jiaqi, and Daniel J. Fiorino. 2013. “The Implications of Policy Stability for Renewable Energy Innovation in the United States, 1974 – 2009.” Policy Studies Journal 41(1): 97-118.

Service to Community

At-large Member, Public Administration Section Executive Committee, American Political Science Association, 2019

Member, Herbert A. Simon Book Award Committee, American Political Science Association, 2019

Member, Kenneth J. Meier Award Committee, Midwest Political Science Association, 2019

Member, H. George Frederickson Award Committee, Public Management Research Association, 2017

Notable Honors

2018, 40 for 40 Fellowship Award for Outstanding Early Career Research Professionals, Association for Public Policy Analysis and Management

2016, Young Scholar Manuscript Award, China-America Association of Public Affairs


Ph.D., Public Administration, School of Public Affairs, American University, 2014
MPA, Public Affairs, Truman School of Public Affairs, University of Missouri, 2009
LL.M., Dispute Resolution, School of Law, University of Missouri, 2007