Photo of Liang, Jiaqi

Jiaqi Liang

Assistant Professor

Public Administration


Building & Room:

2115 AEH


400 S. Peoria Street, 2100 AEH (MC 278)

Office Phone Voice:

(312) 996-3183

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Jiaqi Liang is an assistant professor in the Department of Public Administration. Her research interests encompass public management, bureaucratic politics, public policy process, policy analysis, social equity, environmental and energy policy, and comparative public administration and policy. Her research has appeared in a variety of public administration and public policy journals, including the Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory, International Public Management Journal, and Policy Studies Journal. She offers courses on PA 515: Bureaucracy and the Policy Process, PA 494: Comparative Public Administration: China/U.S., PA 401: Public Administration Theory, and PA 240: Environmental Policy.

Selected Publications

Ma, Liang, and Jiaqi Liang. 2018. “The Effects of Firm Ownership and Affiliation on Government’s Target Setting on Energy Conservation in China.” Journal of Cleaner Production 199: 459-465.

Liang, Jiaqi. 2018. “Latinos and Environmental Justice: Examining the Link between Degenerative Policy, Political Representation, and Environmental Policy Implementation.” Policy Studies Journal 46(1): 60-89.

Liang, Jiaqi. 2017. “Regulatory Effectiveness and Social Equity in Environmental Governance: Assessing Goal Conflict, Trade-Off, and Synergy.” The American Review of Public Administration. DOI: 10.1177/0275074017727365. (First published online August 24, 2017)

Liang, Jiaqi. 2016. “Defining Environmental Justice Communities for Regulatory Enforcement: Implications from a Block-Group-Level Analysis of New York State.” Review of Policy Research 33(6): 666-685.

Liang, Jiaqi. 2016. “The Shadow of the Politics of Deservedness? The Implications of Group-Centric Policy Context for Environmental Policy Implementation Inequalities in the United States.” Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory 26(3): 552-570.

Liang, Jiaqi, and Laura Langbein. 2015. “Performance Management, High-Powered Incentives, and Environmental Policies in China.” International Public Management Journal 18(3): 346-385. [Lead Article]

Liang, Jiaqi. 2014. “Who Maximizes (or Satisfices) in Performance Management? An Empirical Study of the Effects of Motivation-Related Institutional Contexts on Energy Efficiency Policy in China.” Public Performance & Management Review 38(2): 284-315.

Liang, Jiaqi, and Daniel J. Fiorino. 2013. “The Implications of Policy Stability for Renewable Energy Innovation in the United States, 1974 – 2009.” Policy Studies Journal 41(1): 97-118.


Ph.D., Public Administration, School of Public Affairs, American University, 2014
MPA, Public Affairs, Truman School of Public Affairs, University of Missouri, 2009
LL.M., Dispute Resolution, School of Law, University of Missouri, 2007