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Photo of Laurito, Agustina

Agustina Laurito

Assistant Professor

Public Policy, Management, and Analytics

Pronouns: she/her/ella


Building & Room:

AEH 2118 (MC 278)


400 S. Peoria Street Suite 2100


Agustina Laurito is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Public Policy, Management, and Analytics. She is an applied policy researcher who uses administrative and survey data and quasi experimental methods to answer questions at the intersection of social, education, and health policy mostly in urban contexts. Agustina is broadly interested in how adverse experiences affect children and families and in the role of public policy in ameliorating the negative effects of adverse environments. Among her current projects, she studies the effects of neighborhood and community violence on children, food assistance programs, and SNAP in particular, and more recently the effect of the opioid crisis on children and families. Agustina is also interested in immigrant families and children and her projects in this area investigate the role of non-school factors, including the home country, in shaping immigrant children academic success and immigrant well-being.


Teaching Spring 2024 

PPOL 307 Policy Analysis

PPOL 405 Evaluating Public Policies and Programs


Past Teaching 

PPOL 231 Introduction to Social Policy and Inequality in the U.S.

PA 506 Policy Development, Analysis, and Implementation

PA 540 Research Design for Public Administration

Selected Grants

Institute for Research on Race and Public Policy (IRRPP) University of Illinois Chicago, Se habla español? Medicaid expansions and substance use treatment services for Spanish speakers, Faculty Fellow

University of Illinois Chicago - Award for Creative Activity, "Public Mental Health Facility Closures and Criminal Justice Contact in Chicago", Co-PI

Russell Sage Foundation, "Racial/Ethnic Differences in Homeownership and Gaps in Student Achievement", PI

University of Illinois Chicago - Award for Creative Activity, "The Effect of the Heroin Epidemic on Grandparent Caregiving", PI

Tufts/UConn Research Innovation and Development Grants in Economics (RIDGE) Program, “SNAP, School Meals, and the Food Security of Multigenerational Households”, PI

Selected Publications

Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

Abufhele, A. & Laurito, A. (2023). Community violence and early childhood language development: The moderating role of maternal efficacy and satisfaction. Child Development, 1–17.

Cordes, S. A. & Laurito, A. (2023). The effects of charter schools on neighborhood and school segregation: Evidence from New York City. Journal of Urban Affairs, 1-20.

Laurito, A., Schwartz, A.E., & Elbel, B. (2022). Exposure to local violent crime and childhood obesity and fitness: Evidence from New York City public school students. Health & Place. Vol. 78.

Zandiatashbar, A., & Laurito, A. (2022). An Empirical Analysis of the Link Between Built Environment and Safety in Chicago’s Transit Station Areas. Journal of the American Planning Association, 89(2), 225-239, DOI: 10.1080/01944363.2022.2069590

Laurito, A. (2022). The Effect of Home Country Natural Disasters on the Academic Outcomes of Immigrant Students in New York City. Education Finance and Policy, 17(2), 309-334.

Schwartz, A. E., Laurito, A., Lacoe, J., Sharkey, P., & Ellen, I. G. (2021). The academic effects of chronic exposure to neighborhood violence. Urban Studies, 59(14), 3005-3021

Cantor, J., & Laurito, A. (2021). The new services that opioid treatment programs have adopted in response to COVID-19. Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment, Volume 130.

Laurito, A., & Schwartz, A. E. (2019). Does School Lunch Fill the “SNAP Gap” at the End of the Month?. Southern Economic Journal, 86(1), 49-82.

Laurito, A., Lacoe, J., Schwartz, A. E., Sharkey, P., & Ellen, I. G. (2019). School climate and the impact of neighborhood crime on test scores. RSF: The Russell Sage Foundation Journal of the Social Sciences, 5(2), 141-166.


Research and Policy Briefs

Laurito, A., Wildsmith, E., & Guzman, L. (2023). Post-pandemic, Latino parents with low incomes remain concentrated in jobs offering few workplace flexibilities. National Research Center on Hispanic Children & Families. DOI: 10.59377/243y9056m

Laurito, A. & Guzman, L. (2023). Top Latino metro areas saw large declines in child care employment early in the pandemic, with slow recovery among Latino child care workers. National Research Center on Hispanic Children & Families. DOI: 10.59377/618h9115


PhD New York University
MPP Duke University