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Photo of Albrecht, Kate

Kate Albrecht

Assistant Professor

Affiliated faculty, Government Finance Research Center and Networks and Governance Lab

Public Policy, Management and Analytics

Pronouns: She/her


Building & Room:

2115 AEH


400 S. Peoria Street, Chicago IL 60607

Office Phone:

(312) 413-4962

CV Link:

Kate Albrecht


My primary research focus is on government-nonprofit engagement in spaces where collaborative governance is necessary to address complex social problems. I also have a secondary focus on research methods, particularly methodologies capable of handling longitudinal, multi-level, dynamic, and inter-dependent data structures. As a mixed-methods researcher, I critically consider how multiple methods can co-inform our understanding and advancement of collaboration and network theories. In addition to being a network methodologist, I also recognize that there are a multitude of other inductive and deductive tools that I utilize in my research.

My current research program includes both inductive and deductive approaches to understanding collaborative governance for public service delivery. My recently published research features an examination of the concept of co-management among governmental stakeholders, a typology of how networks may evolve over time, a case-study of how collective value is created in collaborations, and a longitudinal network analysis approach to understanding how theories of population ecology apply to networks that are embedded within larger domains with resource constraints.

Selected Grants

Illinois Innovation Network (2021), Sustaining Illinois Through Collaborative Governance: A Pilot Study of Water Systems, Co-PI

Illinois Office of Management and Budget (2022-present), Illinois Water Rate Setting Study, Collaborating Researcher

Grand Victoria Foundation, Illinois Racial Equity and Racial Justice Landscape Scan, Collaborating Researcher

Selected Publications

Varkey, S., & Albrecht, K. (2024). “Performance Measurement and Management to Improve Human Resource Management”. In K. Kuenzi & A. J. Stewart (Eds.), Managing Human Resources in the Nonprofit Sector: Equipping Organizations to be Democratic, Diverse, Inclusive, and Employee-Friendly. Sagamore Press.

Nowell, B., & Albrecht, K. (2023). A Population Ecology of Network Domains. Public Management Review.

Shafiq, S., Albrecht, K., & LeRoux, K. (2023). Extending the Interdependence Theory to Local Public Service Provision: Evidence from Iowa. Nonprofit Policy Forum, 14(3), 255–278.

Albrecht, K. (2022). Shapeshifting to address complexity: Advancing a typology of network evolution and transformation. Complexity, Governance & Networks, 8(1), 25.
Michnick, J., Albrecht, K., Carroll, D., Kass, A., & Wetmore, B. (2022). Networked Supply Chains: Describing the costs of Lake Michigan Drinking Water. Illinois Municipal Policy Journal, 7(1), 29–48.
Coupet, J., Albrecht, K., Williams, T., & Farruggia, S. (2020). Collaborative Value in Public and Nonprofit Strategic Alliances: Evidence From Transition Coaching. Administration & Society, 52(3), 405–430.

Nowell, B., & Albrecht, K. (2019). A reviewer’s guide to qualitative rigor. Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory, 29(2), 348–363.

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