Students Receive APA-IL 2021 Student Project Award

Professor Curt Winkle and his students from UPP 505/506 accepted the APA-IL Student Project Award.

The American Planning Association - IL (APA-IL) chapter presented its 2021 Student Project Award to members of the Urban Planning and Policy class 505/506 who participated on the project, "Connecting People to Power: South Shore Energy Plan," on October 6 at the APA-IL conference

The award-winning plan was completed by MUPP students, Adam Beaver, Alicia Ruiz, B.J. Ryan, Becky Darling, Corie Anderson, David Schottky, Erik Orta, Irene Henry, Isobel Araujo, Liz Kersjes, Lobna Anous, Mary Szeliga, Molly Clark, Morgan Madderom, Samantha Lenoch, and Sarah Howe.

APA-IL said, "This bold and innovative way of looking at "energy" sets a strong precedent for things that people used to think were beyond their control." Read more about the awards here.