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Photo of Nanetti, Raffaella Y.

Raffaella Y. Nanetti, Ph.D

Professor Emerita

Department of Urban Planning and Policy


Building & Room:



412 South Peoria


Visiting Professor in the School of Government, LUISS University, Rome (Italy), teaching courses for the two Masters in: ‘Economy and Development’ and ‘Public Policy’. Senior Researcher at Esoc-Lab (London) and Associate at Italy’s National Research Council (Rome). With R.D. Putnam and R. Leonardi, she carried out the longitudinal study from which the concept of ‘social capital’ was empirically derived (‘Making Democracy Work’, Princeton University Press, 1993). Nanetti has directed development projects in the Balkans, Europe and the USA and published extensively. Most recent books: ‘Social Capital in Development Planning: Linking the Actors’ (London: Palgrave, 2015) and ‘Innovation, Democracy, Efficiency: Exploring the Innovation Puzzle within the European Union’s Regional Development Policies’(London: Palgrave, 2016).