Photo of Marin-Buitrago, Alejandra

Alejandra Marin-Buitrago

Ph.D. student, Urban Planning and Policy

Urban Planning and Policy

Pronouns: She/her/hers


Building & Room:

CUPPA office 256


412 South Peoria street


Alejandra is a second-year Ph.D. student whose research explores housing policy in post-conflict cities. Before beginning her Ph.D., Alejandra practiced law for nearly 15 years in Colombia. She worked as an advisor for several municipalities' comprehensive plans of urban development. She was in charge of the legal component of those plans, she participated in policy design, and negotiations with stakeholders. Her work in Latin America helped her focus on housing policy, municipal planning, and the impact of large-scale urban projects in local communities.

She holds a BA in Public Administration and a law degree; MA’s in Urban Planning from the University of Alicante in Spain, and an MA in Habitat from U.Nacional in Colombia.

Selected Grants

Lincoln Institute of Land Policy, Researcher- Noteworthy Tools for Urban Management, Researcher in a project concerning municipal financing base on surplus land value capture

Department of Culture of Alicante Province, Received a fellowship for the master’s research project, Research immigration and housing

Selected Publications

Marín and Acebedo (2017). “The Concept of Urban Borders from a Complex Perspective”. Chapter in the book: Memories of the Seminar of Urban Borders. Bogotá. August 2017.


Marín, Alejandra and Ortiz. Derecho al Trabajo y Espacio Público en Pereira (Rigth to work and Public Space in Pereira): Magazine Espacio Libre, No. 1, April 2011, ISSN 2028-9137.

Marín, Alejandra. “Housing, Immigration, and Social Integration in Elche”: Thesis. University of Alicante, 2008. Housing and Immigration in Elche. Elche City Hall, Oct. 2008. Web.

Notable Honors

2018, Fulbright Scholarship for Ph.D. studies, Fulbright


2016 - National University of Colombia Master of Habitat
2008 - University of Alicante Master of Urban Planning
2006- School of Public Administration (ESAP) Bachelor of Public Administration
2004- Libre University Lawyer

Selected Presentations

“The City Creation or Product?” Case of Study: Otún Basin.” International Symposium, New Urban Agendas? Towards U.N Habitat III. 2016, Bogotá.

“Public Acquisition of Private Land in Colombia.” Columbia University, New York City, October 21, 2015. “Surplus Value-Capture Implementation in Pereira.” Lincoln Institute of Land Policy, Seminar of Researchers, 2014. Panamá City.

"The Concept of Urban Boundaries from a Complex Perspective.” First International Seminar of Urban Boundaries. Bogotá. 2012.