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Alumni Committees

The CUPPA Alumni Association has three committees that manage the organization’s programs and events: Professional Development, Special Events, and Student-Alumni Connections.

Annie Ginzkey Czubak, MPA ’10 and Peter Czubak, MPA ‘02 at the CUPPA Block Party


Professional Development

Co-Chairs: Josh Hahn and Tony Manno

The Professional Development committee promotes the professional development of both alumni and current students by organizing and hosting educational and networking opportunities.

Alumni who volunteer for this committee coordinated one or more of the following events: Creative Housing Models brown bag lunch, the Neighborhoods Go Green Event, the Plant tour, and a number of speaking engagements including topics of local politics, public policy, planning, and project management.


Special Events

Co-Chairs: Mary Lupa

The special event planning committee organizes activities to provide opportunities for alumni to network, socialize and renew acquaintances in a social atmosphere.

The committee ensures that the events reflect the educational aspects of the college and UIC by including scholastic, athletic and cultural events. Events in the past year have included holiday parties, the Inaugural Jim Marek Alumni Appreciation Awards Ceremony, Goose Island Tour, and the Graceland Cemetery Tour.


Student-Alumni Connections

Co-Chairs: Michael Sewall and Alvaro Villagran

This committee was created in 2003 to focus on developing linkages between CUPPA alumni and students. It develops and maintains a database of alumni and friends of CUPPA that are willing to speak to CUPPA students on a range of topics.

The primary task of this committee is the recruitment and coordination of speakers for the Professional Development courses offered in the spring and summer semesters for planning and public administration students.

This Committee sponsors the mentorship program which links alumni up with student protégés for career advice and networking opportunities and the career day prep event which provide students with the opportunity to get their resumes reviewed and go thru a mock interview.

Mentor Program

In its ninth year, the CUPPA Alumni-Student Mentoring program matches seasoned, successful alumni with current MPA and MUPP graduate students.  Students are given the opportunity to explore various career topics and discuss the realities of the professional planning/public administration environment.

The program matches a CUPPA alumnus with a current CUPPA student based on their interests and experiences, and then they’re expected to meet at least once a month to talk about career goals, skill development, finding jobs and internships, and more.

The CUPPA Alumni Association believes that this is a great way to stay connected with the CUPPA community and to help current MPA and MUPP students who seek guidance.


Career Day

Every March, CUPPA alumni present their career stories for students and follow that with a resume workshop. Students bring resumes and meet with alumni, who review the resume and provide tips for landing a job or internship.

Group photo from the Port Tour '18

Group photo from the Port Tour ’18