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Urban Transportation

The Urban Transportation specialization teaches students how to plan for equitable and efficient transportation systems, emphasizing multi-modal transportation (public transit, bicycle, pedestrian, and transportation of goods) and its connectivity to the physical and built environment, the economy, and society. Emphasis is placed on how to develop successful multi-modal transportation systems. Long-range and operational planning at the national, regional, and local scales are investigated, acknowledging the importance of both information-based rational planning and participatory planning. Students will learn appropriate use of both planning and technology solutions to satisfy travel needs and address mobility problems. Students prepare for professional practice in public agencies and private transportation companies.

Goals of the Urban Transportation Specialization Heading link

  • To prepare students for professional practice in public agencies and private transportation companies.
  • To understand the role of transportation of urban areas.
  • To be able to define transportation problems in terms of accessibility to sites of employment, housing, social services and recreation.
  • To develop competency in long-range planning, project management, program and project evaluation.
  • To contextualize major transportation issues in relation to energy, environment, social justice and advanced technology policies.
  • To familiarize students with transportation funding and financing.
  • To understand basic concepts of management of urban public transit systems.
  • To understand the design and analysis of the physical, financial, and institutional feasibility of alternative transportation projects using quantitative transportation models, the process of selecting projects for implementation, and system operation management.

Requirements for the Urban Transportation Specialization Heading link

  • UPP 560 Urban Transportation: Introduction and Policy (4 credits)
  • UPP 562 Urban Transportation: Models and Methods (4 credits)
  • UPP 56X Urban Transportation elective or other faculty-approved course (4 credit)