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Economic Development

The modern city prospers when the local economy produces a diverse assortment of jobs and revenues. But the roller coaster of economic boom and bust often takes a heavy toll on local residents. Plants shut with little warning and the burdens of economic growth fall unevenly across the urban landscape. The field of economic development starts from the assumption that state, market, and third sector institutions can and do intervene to spread the benefits of economic activity, reduce its costs, and counter its uneven distribution.

Goals for the Economic Development Specialization Heading link

  • To rigorously analyze the structure and needs of local and regional economies.
  • To build on analysis to formulate place-specific economic development plans and policies.
  • To anticipate and evaluate the prospective impact of alternative economic plans and policies.
  • To familiarize students with the key issues and actors relevant to the functioning of local and regional economies.

Requirements for the Economic Development Specialization Heading link

  • UPP 530 Economic Development I: Analysis
  • UPP 531 Economic Development II: Planning
  • UPP 53_ Economic Development elective or other approved course