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You’ve Got This!

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Resources for Finals Prep

As finals week approaches, we understand that taking time for your mental health often gets put on the backburner. Here are some resources on campus and online to help you get through the rest of the semester.

Finals Support

  • UIC Writing Center
    Visit the UIC Writing Center for academic advice on final essays and assignments! Schedule an appointment in-person or online, or simply receive feedback through their email system. Alumni tutoring is also available.
  • UIC Math and Science Learning Center
    The UIC Math and Science Learning Center provides faculty and TA drop-in hours, peer-led study groups, online appointments, as well as STEM-related resources. Visit the center or schedule an appointment for assistance sessions during finals week!
  • UIC Library and Databases
    The UIC Library and online database system provide free resources, articles, research briefs, and more for all students. Hours have been extended for finals week: Richard J. Daley is open 7am - 11pm, and Library of the Health Sciences is open 7am - 9pm. Sign in with your student account online, or pay a visit in person!
  • UIC Wellness Center: Caring for Your Flame
    The UIC Wellness Center offers numerous strategies and activities to help you manage stress and care for yourself!
  • UIC Counseling Center
    The UIC Counseling Center provides a wide range of mental health services to UIC students including individual, group, and relationship therapy, outreach and consultation across the UIC community, workshops, peer support groups, and 24/7 crisis intervention services. Reach out to them if you need support during finals!

Finals Study Tips from UIC Students Heading link

Mental Health Support Heading link

  • love is respect: Self Care Quiz
    With the semester winding down, many within the campus community have had to balance finals, family responsibilities, and jobs all while dealing with COVID-19. In this final leg of the semester, have you been able to practice good self-care? This quiz acts as a check-in for staff, students, and faculty alike.
  • Grounding Exercises for Strong Emotions
    In a moment of crisis, panic, or stress, you can use a grounding exercise to catch your breath. love is respect offers three examples of grounding exercises to practice.
  • Center for Online Education: Critical Mental Health Resources for College Students
    75% of college students with possible mental health issues do not seek help for what ails them. This resource is meant to provide college students with quality information on maintaining good mental health and identifying mental health issues.
  • Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Helpline
    SAMHSA’s National helpline is available 24/7, 365 days a year. Calls are free and confidential, for individuals or family members seeking assistance and referrals for mental and/or substance use disorders.


Mental Health Resources at UIC