Transfer Students

Definition of Transfer Applicant

1.Has completed a minimum of 24 semester or 36 quarter hours of transferable college classroom credit by the time of application

2.Does not meet the definition of an incoming freshman or a readmission applicant. While 24 semester or 36 quarter are the minimum numbers of hours required, most curricula require additional credit hours and the completion of some specific core first-year courses.

How to Apply

1.Visit the UIC Transfer Admission Requirements.

2. Learn the Transfer Student Requirements for UPA.

3. Before April 15 apply here.

4. After April 15, please contact Matt Wilson to learn more about rolling admissions.

Transfer Student Requirements for UPA

1. Admission to the degree program requires junior standing. At the time of application for the UPA degree program, students must have at least 44 semester hours of course work completed. Before enrolling in the program, students must have 60 hours of course work completed.

2. Please visit the Admission Requirements for further details on required course work.

3. A personal statement is required for admission to the program. The personal statement should be one to two pages, double spaced, that includes information on your educational and career goals, detailing relevant academic and employment experience, and your academic or professional interest in the UPA Bachelor's degree program.




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