Inter-College Transfer Students

1. Inter-college transfer students are undergraduate students currently enrolled UIC.

2. Inter-college transfer students do not need to submit an Undergraduate Application, nor pay a fee.

3. If you have attended other institutions since enrolling at UIC, please submit those transcripts. Otherwise, transcripts submission is not necessary

4. Inter-college transfer students must meet the Admission Requirements.


How to Apply

1. Contact the UPA Program Coordinator, Carlos Lopez at (312) 413-2565 or to schedule an interview and learn more about the degree program during any point of your undergraduate career (i.e.: freshman, sophomore).

2. Submit a personal statement to Carlos Lopez or CUPPA Hall, Room 316. The personal statement should be one to two pages, double spaced, that includes information on your educational and career goals detailing relevant academic and employment experience and your academic or professional interests in UPA

3. Once the UPA committee reviews your GPA from your freshmen and sophomore years to ensure a 2.75 G.P.A., personal statement, and interview, the program will determine whether you are accepted. Once accepted you will need to fill out the Inter-college transfer form with the UPA Program to complete the transfer process.


The Inter-College transfer paperwork must be completed before registration for the fall or spring semester of your junior year.




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