Advising & Course Planning

CUPPA's Advising Mission Statement

Academic advising is a continuous and collaborative educational process that connects the student to the institution. Our mission is to provide effective academic advising to maximize the academic experience and student achievement. The primary focus of the advising units in CUPPA is to assist students in the development of meaningful educational plans and professional development. To accomplish this task CUPPA's academic graduate departments and undergraduate program have identified relevant and desirable learning outcomes. Advising services provide guidance to students to encourage the achievement of these outcomes. The central learning outcomes include enhancing intellectual growth, identifying educational goals, clarifying career choices, independence, and effective communication.

Is advising required in UPA? If so, for whom, when, and/or how often is advising required?

New students are required to have an advising appointment with either the Program Director or the Assistant Director prior to the start of the new academic year. All students are encouraged to schedule an advising session after classes start to establish continuity of advising and clarity on graduation requirements.

How are advisors assigned to students?

The UPA students are advised by both the Director and the Assistant Director on program information and course development. Students on academic probation are advised by the UPA Director.

What is the procedure for scheduling advising appointments?

UPA students make advising appointments with the Director or Assistant Director.

Additional information or advice for students.

UPA students are encouraged to schedule advising appointments prior to registration and well before registration day. Students should also register for courses during their scheduled registration time; it is strongly encouraged that students do not wait until the first week of the semester to register for courses.


Email Carlos Lopez or call (312) 413-2565 to schedule an appointment or with questions.





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