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Office of Research Support Services


The mission of the Office of Research Support Services (ORSS) is to create a robust pipeline of sponsored research opportunities and provide a range of pre-award grant services to facilitate long-term growth and financial sustainability of CUPPA’s research centers, institutes and faculty.

The ORSS Advisory Council comprised of representatives of each CUPPA research center and academic program, provides strategic direction and guidance on all aspects and activities of the office.


ORSS provides a range of pre-award services listed below. ORSS works primarily with funding opportunities at or leading to the following threshold levels: 1) $100,000+ and 2) Indirect Cost Rates at 15%+.

Initiate and Find Funding Opportunities

Prospect research to identify new sponsored research opportunities.

Facilitate Research Teams

Facilitation of multi-unit (internal or external to CUPPA) sponsored research grant proposals.

Support Proposal Submission

• Proposal strategy review to strengthen competitive positioning of proposal submissions.

• Negotiation with collaborators/partners to build effective approaches.

Develop Faculty and Research Center Platforms

Thought leadership, competitive positioning, and platform development to build clarity of purpose for external constituencies including funders, partners and others.

Provide Professional Development

Professional development for grant seekers to strengthen capacity and build skills through workshops and one-on-one assistance.

Guide Research Center Long-range Planning

Financial sustainability planning to secure long-term viability of research.


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Office of Research Support Services
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