NB: This is an internal memo of the UIC College of Urban Planning and Public Affairs, posted on the Web for future reference.

Fall, 1998

How to set up the UPP laptop for presentations--

A. Please do a dry run of your presentation at least a day before, using the same machines and conditions that you expect to encounter during your presentation.

B. When expecting to connect to a phone line off campus for your presentation, bring--

Please contact the CUPPATECH RAs, cuppatech@listserv.uic.edu for assistance in the dry run of your presentation.

Remember, the laptop and projector cost thousands of dollars, and must be treated with great caution and care.

How to connect the UPP laptop for network or phone connections--

Connecting to ADN through network card:

1.Connect the connector named "3Com" to the socket on the left side of the laptop on the right to the power-switch. 2.Get the network cable and connect one end(the end with 6pins)to the data line (and not to the voice line).Connect the other end(with 8 pins) to the connector.
3.Boot the computer.A successful connection is indicated by a "green "line glowing in the 3com connector.
4.A novell intranetware client screen comes up.Type in the userid as :p11800,password:urban.
5.A successful login is indicated by some scripts coming up and finally you are into the Window 95 working environment where you can work normally.

Connecting to ADN through phone line:

1.Take the phone cable (cable with 6 pins on each side) and connect it to the phone connection on the right side of the laptop(a small image of telephone is shown to indicate that the socket is a telephone socket for your convenience).The other end should be connected to the "Voice" line (and not to the "data" line).
2.Go to the start then to program ,then into "accessories" and finally into dial-up networking.Press the icon "uic-ofcampus" if you are dialling from ofcampus phone-line or press "uic-oncampus if you are dialling from oncampus line.
3.Then type in your login id and password (either tigger or icarus is ok).
4.Then a "Dial in " prompt comes up.Type ppp at the prompt.
5.Some scripts come up and now finally press F7.
6.A successful connection is indicated on the screen.

Connection directions prepared by Rajan Babu Rajendran, CUPPATECH RA.


Albert Schorsch, III
Assistant Dean
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