NB: This is an internal memo of the UIC College of Urban Planning and Public Affairs, posted on the Web for future reference.

Spring, 2012

Below are key links to University and College Policies:

CUPPA Policies


University-Wide Policies

University-Wide Social Security Number Policy

University-Wide Organizational Charts, Budget, & Related Information

U of I Ethics Website

U of I OBFS Business Affairs Policies and Procedures

U of I OBFS News Center Business Policy Memo Listing

U of I OBFS Information Security Policy


UIC Academic Affairs Policies (includes P & T)

UIC 2011-2012 Salary Minima for Graduate Assistants

UIC Academic Search Manual

UIC Campus Policies from VCAS

UIC Conflicts of Interest Policies (UIC website)

UIC Faculty Handbook

UIC Graduate College Policies

UIC HR Policies and Procedures

UIC International Services Policies

UIC Payroll Schedules

UIC Phone Use Policy

UIC Sabbatical Policies

UIC Student Employment Handbook (and forms)


Draft CUPPA P&T Schedule for Academic 2003-2004


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