CUPPA Postage Changes
Summer 2006 approval process as of 6/30/06

- CUPPA units that submitted P-Card exception forms for are allowed to use the P-Card(s) listed on those forms to purchase postage and products; P-Card exception has been approved by the Corporate Card Office/Purchasing
- If other cardholders would like to purchase these services in the future, they should complete a P-Card exception form ( and bring it to the Dean's Office
- Note that when opening a account staff members should opt out of sharing information with third parties.

Canceling Pitney Bowes
To receive remaining postage as a check:
Call on the day you want to no longer use your postage.
2. Call PB Postage-by-phone at 1-800-243-7800.

3. Say you want to remove your postage from the machine and place it back in you acct. It will be done instantly.

4. Fax a written request to “Funds Dept.” at 203-460-5155 to have a check with postage amount sent to you

5. List your postage-by-phone acct number, business name, and contact phone number in the letter

To cancel your machine rental call Pitney Bowes Credit Corp. at 1-800-288-2357.
Make sure you have no outstanding credit lines, charges, anything!
Also ask if it will cost your unit to cancel.

Canceling your UIC purchase order for Pitney Bowes services:
If your unit's Pitney Bowes services are paid for through a PO and you want to cancel mid-way through the PO term,
email Margaret Kibaya at with your PO# saying you want to cancel and when.

If you have a PO but are canceling at the end of the fiscal year/end of the PO term, you should email Margaret to notify her, but there is no action she has to take.

Creating a account
1. Go to

2. Click the Sign Up tab along the top

3. Enter the required information

4. When asked for SSN, use your UIN
5. Opt out of sharing information with third parties

6. When the sign-up process is complete, contact the CUPPATechs at to have an administrator log in and install the software

7. For security reasons install the software on only 1 or 2 computers at most

8. Every time you install the program on a new computer, the first time you open the program, it will ask you for the last 4 digits of your SSN (UIN) and after being installed, will email the account holder to notify that the program has been installed on a new computer

9. To allow multiple users to have distinct log-in names, you need to upgrade to Premier membership, which cost $24.99 per month instead of $15.99, but should avoid doing so as P-Card regulations allow only the cardholder to make purchases with the card tools
Once you open the software, this navigation bar will appear on the left:
 - Has links to different tools
- Netstamps
: Print one stamp or a sheet of stamps; unmetered for anytime use; you must use   
Netstamps for international mailing

- Mailing: Print metered labels or print a metered stamp onto an envelope
- Shipping: Print shipping labels for packages (UIC tends to use UPS services for this)
- Purchase: Add postage to your account with P-card; state funds cannot be used
Address Book: An address book you can personalize
Activity: A running tally of your postage use
Support: Contact information for assistance
Store: Purchase labels, envelopes, boxes, Netstamps labels, etc.

Other tips and rules 


- services and postage cannot be purchased on state funds! See the following link for details:

- To receive an email confirmation each time a transaction occurs (monthly charge, postage refill, labels purchase, etc.), which can then be used as P-Card documentation, call the number above and choose option 1; then choose “questions regarding account”. You will be connected to a representative who you can ask to send you email confirmations for every credit card transaction and they will change your account settings immediately; they can even send you confirmations for past transactions. 

Note: The default for is to NOT send an email about the monthly $15.99 fee; they only send emails confirming purchases of supplies or postage. Therefore, please call and have them reconfigure your account so you will have all the documentation you need for your P-Card.

- You DO need to buy special labels if you want to print a page of stamps that can be used at any time, like regular stamps, unlike metered mail; they are called Netstamps and are $3.99 for a pack of 125 and can be purchased through the program; they come in sheets that can go through a regular printer

 - You do NOT need special labels to print metered postage. You can buy labels from, just get Avery 2859 labels from your normal office supply company, or print directly onto the envelope (Our printer isn’t configured correctly for envelopes, so we’ll be printing on labels.); labels are cheaper than Avery labels

 - You are automatically billed monthly for your membership ($15.99) – on your credit card – remember to do your p-card order log each month!

 - For metered mail, automatically calculates the postage by the weight you enter ( provides a free 5-pound scale) and the type of delivery you choose

 - For international mail, you must use Netstamps; you cannot use metered mail. Weigh the parcel, go to to calculate the postage; print a Netstamp for the required amount