NB: This is an internal memo of the UIC College of Urban Planning and Public Affairs, posted on the Web for future reference.

From: "Albert Schorsch, III"

Subject: How to avoid parking tickets or towing when using 412 S. Peoria loading dock


As faculty, staff, and those students with offices move materials into 412 S. Peoria, some have asked what the procedure is for avoiding a parking ticket or getting your car towed while using the loading dock.

When using a UIC loading dock, please call Parking Enforcement/Vehicle Assistance at 5-0555, and notify them that you are using the dock, in this case at the "642" building, 412 S. Peoria. They will ask for your license number and make of vehicle. Usually, they will give you 20-30 minutes within which your car will not be ticketed by UIC police or parking personnel.

In rare cases, Chicago Police or Revenue workers will also write such tickets, and UIC's Parking Enforcement office usually has no direct contact with them to prevent them from doing so. But as a practical matter, in 90% of the cases, calling the UIC Parking Enforcement office will help you avoid being ticketed or towed while using the loading dock.

Also, 5-0555 is also the same number you can call if you are _parked in a UIC lot_ and need a jump when your car won't start. This number comes in handy in the winter!

Albert Schorsch, III
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updated 10/12/05