NB: This is an internal memo of the UIC College of Urban Planning and Public Affairs, posted on the Web for future reference.

Fall, 1998

From: "Albert Schorsch, III"

Subject: How to reserve a multimedia classroom classroom/seminar use


Faculty and staff often ask how to reserve a campus (not CUPPA) multimedia classroom or seminar use.

Here's further information from Ed Garay, <garay@uic.edu>, on 9/17/98

"Claude Farrugia wrote: : Hi all, : : I'm required to give a formal presentation in November (2nd week), and will : probably need a laptop with Powerpoint on it, and a projector. Would anyone : happen to know how I can go about this?

The easiest would be to move your presentation to either a multimedia classroom (MMCs) or to one of the instructional ACCC computer labs that can be reserved.

There are 20 multimedia classrooms, all equipped with networked computers, projections systems, sound, etc. etc. Seating capacities range from 20 to 500. For reservations, contact the Office of Classroom Services (OCS) at classrooms@uic.edu or at 6-2751, 103 DH.

. . . .

Needless to say, both, the MMCs and our labs have the latest version of PowerPoint loaded, among lots of other software.

Those are the best options."

Ed Garay, Assistant Director UIC Academic Computing and Communications Center
Instructional Technology Lab (ITL) itl@uic.edu
ITL home page: http://www.uic.edu/depts/adn/itl



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