NB: This is an internal memo of the UIC College of Urban Planning and Public Affairs, posted on the Web for future reference.


Spring, 2003


NB:   There is now a new UIC listserv archive lookup page at--


NB:  There is now a new UIC listserv owner web page at--


--otherwise, you can use the old-fashioned approach below.


To start a listserv--

Please go to--


for instructions and the form for starting a listserv at UIC.

A UIC ADN connection and e-mail address must be used to start the listserv.

Consultants at 413-3003 can answer questions about listserv maintenance.


To subscribe to the listname (whatever the name of the list is at UIC) listserv--

send a note to:


with no subject line

The text of your note should be:

subscribe listname yourfirstname yourlastname

Include no signature in your note.

You'll soon get a note asking for confirmation. Just follow the instructions after that.


How to send an e-mail to _everyone_ in CUPPA--

Send a note to the following five lists--

uic_mupps@uic.edu for all the MUPP students
uic_pas@uic.edu for all the PA students, both MPA and PhD
uic_uppa@uic.edu for all the PPA students
uicuppaf@uic.edu for all CUPPA staff and faculty
cuppatech@uic.edu for the CUPPATECH RAs

You must belong to most of the lists above and below and be in the UIC domain to send to them, with the exception of CUPPATECH. There is usually a staff person in each unit who belongs to or can send to the above five lists.

Obviously, you can send a note to all of these lists at once, simply including them in a new nickname, or simply by typing them all into your To: space, separated by commas.

A few more lists, which are focused on particular units with CUPPA. You must be a member to send to these lists--

uicuppal@uic.edu for CUPPA alumni
uic_uppf@uic.edu for all UPP faculty only
pafaculty@uic.edu for all PA faculty only
uicuedsf@uic.edu for CUED staff and faculty
gci@luic.edu for the Great Cities Institute
irrpp@uic.edu for the Institute for Research on Race and Public Policy
SRL and UTC also have their own lists.

It would be repetitious to send to both the uicuppaf list and the unit lists above, since everybody on the lists above is also on the uicuppaf list.

Finally, uicompar@uic.edu is the list for the UIC Neighborhood Initiatives Community Partnership, with both UIC and community members included.


To get a list of who's on a list, send a note to listserv@listserv.uic.edu, no subject line and no signature, containing the following command--

review listname

You'll then receive a list of everybody on the list via e-mail.


Setting a listserv password--

In order for you to do anything with a list as an owner, you must set a password for yourself.

Here's how--

Send a note to listserv@listserv.uic.edu, no subject line and no signature, with only this line:

pw add word

where "word" is the password you want to set.

You'll get a note back from listserv asking you to confirm with another note. After you confirm, you can now make changes to the list.


To add names to a list--

Since you are an owner of this list, too, you can add names by sending a note to:


with nothing in the subject line, and no signature, and for each name to add you include the following:

add listname planner@uic.edu "Joe Planner, MUPP Student" pw=word

where "word" is the password you set earlier, and "listname" is the name of your list, like uic_mupps.


To delete a name from a list, the command is--

del uic_mupps planner@uic.edu pw=word

where "word" is the password you set earlier.


To correct a misspelling:

del listname plannerk@uic.edu pw=word
add listname planner@uic.edu "Joe Planner, MUPP Student" pw=word

Please note that you must make an _individual_ entry for each change you make in your list membership.


How to make administrative changes to the listserv, such as to add another owner--

First send a note to listserv like this--

To: listserv@listserv.uic.edu
From: "Albert Schorsch, III" <schorsch@uic.edu> >
get listname (header pw=yourpassword

--You'll then get the header back in another e-mail, and the list will be locked.

Make the changes to the header, and send the PUT version of your header back, with your pw=yourpassword on the PUT line.

One trick, don't "reply" to the PUT e-mail you receive, because it will put all those < things at the front of each line, and it won't work. Forward the PUT list back to listserv@listserv.uic.edu after you've made your changes. This keeps the < out of the picture, and this should work.

For further resources and instructions on listservs, go to--




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