CUPPA Conference Room and Classrooms

Anyone may view the CUPPAH 110 Conference Room Global Agenda at the link below:

Go to CUPPAH 110 Conference Room Global Agenda or paste the link below into your browser.

To make a reservation, contact or the CUPPA Dean's Office at 312-413-8088.

All UICalendar users may view any CUPPA resource (conference room and classroom) agenda:

Creating an account:
- To create a UICalendar account, go to the Getting Started with UIcalendar page or paste the link below in your browser

Once you have an account:
- Go to the UICalendar Homepage or paste the link below in your browser
- Log in (If you have UICalendar installed on your computer, make sure you are logged out of it before logging in to the web version.)
- From the horizontal toolbar, choose View Agenda (the icon looks like a person standing next to a large calendar)
- Under the search bar, choose Resource Search
- Type "CUPPAH" into the search bar and click Find (To find 2232, 2234, 2236 classrooms’ agendas, type “ADH” )
- All CUPPA Hall space resources (conference rooms and classrooms) will appear

Viewing an agenda
- If you would just like to view a room's agenda once, highlight it and click View

Adding an agenda to your favorites
- If you would like to easily view a room's agenda regularly, highlight it and click Add to Favorites
- Click OK when finished
- On your personal agenda page, choose the resource agenda you would like to view from the drop-down menu showing Select a Favorite

Using conference room 110 in CUPPA Hall

Once a reservation is made by contacting or the CUPPA Dean's Office at 312-413-8088, please be aware of the following:

-If a room setup other than conference is needed, the unit will need to submit an FMweb request for movers, indicating specific times for the movers to complete the setup and later reset the room. The times should be arranged so as not to conflict with events taking place before and after your own (see link for room 110 calendar at top of this page). Contact the Associate Dean at if the unit would like to request that the Dean's Office pay for setup.

-To arrange for technical equipment, such as laptop or projector, please contact the CUPPATechs at

-If you would like to serve coffee during your event, please arrange for a staff member in your unit to prepare it prior to the event. If the Dean's Office coffee machine in room 105 is needed, please obtain supplies from the Dean's Office in advance.

-Please clean up after your event, being sure to turn off lights, fans and equipment to prevent blown circuits, and closing the door behind the last guest in order to protect technical equipment.