CUPPA Computer Quality Standards, as of 4/25/02
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Each computer in CUPPA should have a file, maintained by CUPPATECH RA team, containing a checklist of qualifications or variations from the standards below. 

The following standards shall be met by all computers in the UIC College of Urban Planning and Public Affairs--

1. Ergonomics.  Wrist rest pad must be in place.  New computers should be ordered with Microsoft ergonomic keyboard, unless the user or supervisor opts out in writing.  Other ergonomic standards pending implementation of new federal guidelines.

2. A functioning TCP/IP and Server Services Connection.

3. Access to the CUPPA branch of Server Services LAN and shared drives.

4. Functioning ADSM backup or other backup software, with user instructed in its use. (not in labs)

NB:  All CUPPA faculty, students, and staff should back up their essential work EVERY DAY.

5. Resident Norton anti-virus, set to run in the background (in case of problems with recognizing Zip disks or CDs – disable “File System Realtime Protection”).Live Update set to Auto.Complete antivirus scan should be scheduled to run each night.

6. ScanDisk and DeFrag should be run on each computer 1-2 times per month.

7. Computer successfully prints to preferred printer of the user.

8. Computer configured also to print to nearest network printer.

9. Functioning NSKIT, all components.  Upgraded within 3 months of UIC NSKIT upgrades.

 a. Functioning Eudora (except for labs).  Ph must work from within Eudora.  In the case of transfers of computers, all options such as filters, folders, mailboxes, etc. should be included.

 b. Functioning Netscape, in the case of transfers of computers, bookmarks and preferences should be transferred as well.

 c. Full Adobe Acrobat should be installed from Winstall.

10. Enough RAM to run JAVA without crashing, and to keep 3 programs open simultaneously.

11. Preferred programs installed for user and tested.  Lab computers should have a standard list of softwares installed which we will develop.

12. Winstall shortcut on desktop.

13. 70 MB Free hard drive space (or other reasonable number) for staff computers used for word processing, spreadsheets, etc. 1GB free hard drive space for computers using major graphics programs.

14. Entered into UIC inventory.

15. Warrantee documents on file.

16. Recovery disk on file.

17. Clean boot disk on file.

18. New computers should be ordered with recovery system disk

19. New computers should have unnecessary junk software removed.

20. Rm. 251 CUPPA Lab machines should not contain stored student work, which slows down the computers.  Student work should be (and will be) regularly removed from lab machines, and students must be responsible for making their own backups of work to floppy, Zip, or CD-R(W) disks. 

21. Lab scanners should always work.  Please check them every day and notify the if there is a problem.   If we need to get new computers to serve the scanners, please let Dr. Schorsch know.

22. Lab Printers should always work.  Same routine as above.  Make sure parts, supplies, are in stock for printers every day.

23. Lab Digitizer should always work.  Same routine as above.

24. All computers in lab should always work.  Same routine as above.

25. If any of the above do not work, and "Awaiting repair" sign should be posted on the defective machine.

26. Laptops. Please put a label on all laptops used in the college with projectors which note their unique particular commands necessary for them to work with projectors.  Laptops used for presentations should be linked to the Q: drive.

27. Rm. 110 rolling computer should have printed instructions taped to workstation, detailing how to set up projector and log into computer.  Computers used for presentations should be linked to the Q: drive.

28. Projectors should have any special instructions taped to them.

29. Switches owned by CUPPA.  These should have CISCO service plans, renewed annually.

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