Instructions for:

Sending a live web link or URL for grants and contracts documents

from within UI eRA


This procedure allows you to avoid scanning and uploading a grants and contracts document such as a PAF, a final contract, or an updated budget such as an IPAS form if it is already in the UI eRA system, and also allows you to generate a web link or URL that you can send to your recipient so they can view and save a copy of the document.


1.                  Once you have logged into UI eRA, click on Proposals on the left columnar menu.

2.                  Find the Proposal you are looking for. One way is the Advanced Search option which appears on the middle right side of your screen once you have clicked on Proposals.

3.                  Once you have found and chosen the Proposal for which you are looking, click on the Eyeglass icon to open the Proposal.

4.                  A new document Summary window will open. Inside this new window, on the left columnar menu, click on Attachments.

5.                  A window called Attachments Summary will open, with rows displaying different document upload times during which campus ORS or G&C staff have uploaded documents related to the Proposal.

6.                  You will see an Eyeglass icon for the latest document in each row under the column View Latest, and what looks like a checkbox icon under the column History. Take your pick of either of these icon choices depending on what document you need, and click on it.

7.                  A page entitled Document Detail will open. You will see a list of documents. On the right hand side of the row for each document, you will see an Eyeglass icon. Click on your choice, and a PDF copy of the document opens up.

8.                  Once the document has opened, look at the row of menu icons on the upper left-hand side of the document. The fourth icon from the left should be one that looks like the earth with an envelope on top of it. Click on this e-mail icon.

9.                  A pop-up window will open, and will ask you whether you want to send a URL, or send a copy of the entire PDF. For this example, choose the URL option.

10.              An e-mail window will open up, with the default system of MS Outlook, containing a long URL or web address in the body of the message. If your own e-mail system you regularly use does not open, dont try to e-mail from within UI eRA, but simply copy and paste the URL into your own e-mail system and send the URL in an e-mail to the person who needs access to the grant or contract document. Once they receive your e-mail they should be able to click on the URL in the e-mail in order view and save a copy of the document!

11.              If you prefer to send your correspondent an attached file instead of a URL, and if you cannot send an e-mail from within UI eRA using your regular e-mail system which keeps a copy for you of your sent mail, at Step 7 above save the PDF file and send it as an attachment from your e-mail or using PEAR if the attachment is requested to be sent through that medium for HR purposes.




Last updated, 9/20/08